We rent and sell major Canadian brand HUSKY machines. For a relatively low cost HUSKY machines provide exceptional quality.

Our equipment is available for rent to test your molds prior to mass production. Molding process is done under the supervision of our team of experts. Our machinery is capable to test all molds up to clamp closing power of 750 metric tons.

In plastics molding industry, there is always a tradeoff between investment for higher capacity machine and actual capacity requirement for particular component. In case the capacity of molding machine is lower then necessary you can consider expanding your production. We are able to offer you durable machines with high capacity that will serve you well during all your production phases.

Our offer:

  • Assessing client’s needs for machines based on product.
  • Selling and distributing machine or setting schedule for renting.
  • Molding apparatus assembly.
  • Mold testing.
  • Producing a test sample.